5 Stupid Ways to Relieve Stress
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5 Stupid Ways to Relieve Stress

ItÂ’s easy to do these stupid ways to relieve stress in your life. If you are depressed with your problem, then watch out. Read these stupidest things you can do and stay away from them.

It’s easy to do these stupid ways to relieve stress in your life. If you are depressed with your problem, then watch out. Read these stupidest things you can do and stay away from them.

1. Resort to Drugs

How many people destroyed their life just because of drugs? How many people resort to drugs just because they are frustrated with life? The answer is there are many people doing that.

The point is that it might be easy for someone to resort to drugs when searching for ways to relieve stress. However, that is the stupidest thing you can do in this situation. So, don’t ever think about it. It will cost your life, freedom, and happiness.

2. Become an Alcoholic

Alcohol might be lighter than drugs, but you should never underestimate its effect in your life once you are bound to it. Alcohol addicts are often depressed with their life all the time. They will resort to other bad activities that can destroy their life even further, such as smoking and guess what, drugs.

When people are searching for ways to relieve stress in their life, they often rush to the bar and drink as much alcohol as they can. It will not be your best solution. When you start to be an alcohol addict, it will be hard for you to leave it.

3. Blaming Yourself and Others

It will be as easy as 1-2-3 to cast blame upon others and yourself when you feel frustrated with life. Sadly, it is what people feel they should do. However, it is the stupidest thing they can do. Blaming yourself and others for your own life experience will not solve the problem. It is not your best solution when dealing with stress. In fact, this is one of the stupid ways to relieve stress.

Blaming yourself and others may cause you more frustrated and depressed with your own life experience. Remember that it is your life, so you have your responsibility in your life. Every frustrating problem that happened to you can be solved without casting blame to you and other people. Yes, it is your responsibility, but you should fix the problem instead of casting your blame weapon.

4. Trying to Make Revenge

One of the stupid ways to relieve stress is trying to make revenge. Do you feel this frustration is caused by other people? Do you feel raging emotion in your heart and do you want to make revenge to the people causing this situation? I’ll tell you that it is not a wise decision to do so. Revenge is the tool of your ego to satisfy your feeling of disappointment. And this tool is very effective so that many people trapped by it.

Some people regard revenge as one of the satisfying ways to relieve stress. The real thing that will happen when you successfully make your revenge a reality is that you will be prone to revenge attack from the other people. This will cause a chain of action and reaction that is endless. Not good at all when you ponder about it. Making revenge is one of the stupidest things when dealing with stress.

5. Not Make It Your Lesson

The last stupidest thing that you can do when you feel frustrated with life is that you are not making this situation as your own valuable lesson. It’s okay to make a mistake. It’s okay to fall. The stupidest thing to do is to make it as your excuse to give up.

It’s stupid not to make it your lesson. It’s stupid not to make it your motivation. You will always have a choice to get up. So, take your lesson and continue your life - with a better view and better understanding about it. That is the best way to relieve stress in your life.

When you are feeling frustrated with life, do not do those stupid ways to relieve stress. Instead, make everything your best life lesson. Do not be discouraged because it’s easy to get discouraged when you feel frustrated. Stop for a moment to ponder, extract the lesson, and use it as your tool to be a better person.

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anitapatterson from MorgueFile

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Ranked #58 in Stress

Nice article. I agree with all this, and when I begin counseling, I may actually refer to your list! It's great!