Effects of Stress in Our System and Decision Making
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Effects of Stress in Our System and Decision Making

Stress works in a very subtle scale of intensity. It is the very reason stress is called the ‘silent killer’. Stress affects the totality of the human system, psychologically and physiologically, mentally and physically.


Stress works in a very subtle scale of intensity. It is the very reason stress is called the ‘silent killer’. Stress affects the totality of the human system, psychologically and physiologically, mentally and physically.

Let me discuss first the undesirable and negative effects of stress in our system;

? Our Central Nervous System suffers from anxiety, depression and exhaustion of the mind that also affect mainly our decision making.

? Our Cardiovascular System is subjected to impaired heart function that can cause angina. Stress also affects the constriction of the peripheral blood vessels, thereafter raising blood pressure.

? Our Digestive System suffers from stomach upsets or might even result to peptic canulcers. We may also experience diarrhea, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and canker sores in the mouth.

? Stress affects the Respiratory System that can cause asthma.

? Bad effects of stress to our Musculoskeletal System lead to tension in skeletal muscles and joints giving us backache and muscular pains. It also affects our sensitivity to arthritis; degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

? Stress weakens our immune system. It weakened defenses with lowered resistance to infections, allergies and headaches. Due to a depleted immune defense system viral illness becomes welcome.

? Menstrual disorders, thyroid illness due to overactive/under-active thyroiditis and adrenal hypo-function are just some of the bad effects of stress in our Endocrine System.

? Our Reproductive System may suffer infertility, premature ejaculation and impotence due to stress.

? Skin may also be affected with eczema, psoriasis and rashes, including tissue degeneration due to acceleration of aging process.

? According to an expert, emotional or physical stress can literally lead to hair loss. Most of those who experience hair loss suffer from emotional or physical stress.

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Making Decision under Stress

? The greater the stress, the greater the likelihood that a decision-maker will choose a high-risk alternative.

? In times of crisis, the ability of a group to handle difficult tasks requiring intense focus attention is decreased.

? Prolonged stress result to a greater tendency to make an untimely choice of alternatives for a correct response.

? The greater the stress, the less likely that individuals can tolerate "ambiguity".

? Under increasing stress, there is a decrease in productive thoughts and an increase in distracting thoughts.

? The greater the stress, the greater the distortion in perception of threat and poor judgment usually occurs.

? The greater the fear, frustration and hostility aroused by a "crisis", the greater the tendency to aggression and escape behaviors.

? In a stressful condition (whether real or perceived stress), only immediate survival goals are considered. Long term considerations are sacrificed for short term goals.

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Good Side of Stress

Despite the bad reputation, stress is one of our bodies' best defense systems. When we sense danger-such as a car accident coming at us - our bodies release adrenaline and different chemicals that make us more alert, raise our blood pressure and increase our strength, speed and reaction time.

This positive effect of stress can be tackle only for a short term productivity goals. Procrastinators work very efficiently in the last minute to get things done. This is an example of working under stress.

Note: Similarly, if you feel that your job may have to be shut down, your extra hard work is needed to meet the goal to save it. It has similar effect as a life threatening danger. What we need to learn to do is to make sure that this behavior does not continue for extensive periods of time to affect our life in general.


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Comments (7)

I was amuse with the positive effect of stress.. This is a useful share...

Ranked #12 in Stress

I agree ! there are some positives too, like one works best while under stress! Great article as always, thanks a lot Ron :)

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thanks Guimo and Kiran for the comments, appreciated.

Stress is something to avoid. In my family, heart diseases are common and stress is the usual cause.

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thanks kabayan.

Another helpful analysis of the effects of stress in our daily lives, Ron.

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thanks Will.