Stress Busters For Workaholics
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Stress Busters For Workaholics

Stress causes the muscles of your forehead, scalp, and the back of your head to tighten. How to reduce stress read more...

What is stress

The word stress means a different things to different people.  Most psychologists regard stress as a process involving a person's interpretation and response to a threatening event.  Stress can have both positive and negative effects.  Stress is a normal, adaptive reaction to threat.  It signals danger and prepares you to take defensive action.  Moderate stress seems to improve motivation and performance on less complex tasks.  In personal relationships stress often leads to less cooperation and more aggression.  If not managed appropriately, stress can really lead to serious problems.

Stress causes the muscles of your forehead, scalp, and the back of your head to tighten.  This constricts your blood vessels and causes tension headache says a medical doctor.  The attitude behind your stress may be harder to diagnose, and harder still to eliminate.

By eliminating unnecessary daily distractions, you can arrange solitary moment of quiet and peace that are soothing to your mind.  Psychologist suggest the following below.


Don't live beyond your means. Never live a lifestyle you cannot afford.

Don't skip breakfast.  Skipping breakfast is a big mistake.  You'll struggle more with fatigue later in the day, if you skipped breakfast.  Eating a sound breakfast boosts your energy for the rest of the day.  People who skip breakfast eat more food later in the day.  They set up a night-eating syndrome where they start nibbling, they can't stop.  The breakfast rules is simple according to nutritionist:  Caffeine limit, avoid sugar, and choose foods with a mix of protein and starch to maintain blood sugar and energy levels throughout the morning.  Good choice can be a bowl of instant oatmeal, low-fat milk, and banana.

Have a good posture.  Don't forget that a good upright posture improves breathing.  Good posture increases blood flow to the brain which help decrease blood pressure and stress.

Bringing work home.  Don't bring your work home. It will be unfair to your spouse and kids as well if you cannot spend quality time with them because you still need to finish some paper works.

Don't forget to breathe!  Stress causes headache, this tense you up and making you forget to breathe.  A medical doctor suggests deep-breathing exercise:  Close your eyes and exhale.  Take a deep breaths that seem to come from your abdomen.  While doing so, be fully aware of your pain, wherever it may be.  It may intensify when you notice it.  Just continue breathing.  Now imagine yourself breathing the pain in and out.  Don't try to control it.  Don't be surprised if you find you have breathed it all out.

Take a break.  When you're tired force yourself to take a break.  Train you nervous system to work with you.  If you're been at a computer  screen for hours, take a break.  Munch a banana or an apple, it's a quick fix to stop you feeling tired.  Sit while eating and take a short walk afterwards.

Keep a stress toy.  Get hold of your stress toy or hand exerciser if your feel like exploding because of pilling workloads.  According to research squeezing something provides a release that satisfy your body.

Dealing with difficult people at work.  Don't take it personally.  According to the associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, "We have a tendency to think that people are being especially difficult with us, but typically they are difficult with others as well."

You cannot change a person.  Since there's no way to stay away from difficult people entirely, it's up to you to learn strategies for managing them.  According to psychotherapist, when dealing with difficult people, you feel helpless because you can't change them.  But if you just give up trying to change that person, you'll probably feel a sense of relief he added.

Stop worrying.  Stop worrying your workload.  Worrying cause stress.  Stress is one of the biggest energy drainers.  Get some fresh air by opening a window.  Or you pop outside for awhile.

Work life balance.  This you can do by seeking out leisurely activities that are separate from work.  Activities such as gardening and cooking are recommended.  Choose an activity you consider relaxing.  A friend invites you to go hiking, but it's not your idea of relaxation, then don't go.  If you go, you don't reduce your stress, but add more to your stress level says a stress management expert.


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