Stress Overview: Outside and Within You
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Stress Overview: Outside and Within You

This is how stress works and how our instant reflexes cope with it. This is the stress activated by events or inputs outside our body. Other cases of stress that comes from outside events are job related stress, money problems and relationships.


From a holistic point of view, let us determine how stress works within. Let us say that you have won a brand new car from the online game “If the Price is Right”. It’s your first car, your first ride of your own wheels and your dream car. When suddenly you hear a sudden screeching sound of slamming breaks in your front, the stress of the situation enters your mind through your sight and sounds through your ears. Your mind quickly response before you react, your brain electrically triggers agitation.

You brake! Grab the steering wheel and grip it tightly. Your body delivers the fats and sugar into your bloodstream for a quick strength and energy to be release. The mind anticipates an accident and prepares your blood to clot to reduce the possible blood loss. You hear the pounding of your heart in your chest and feel your temples pumping, while the brain is receiving more oxygen for your senses coordination.

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You still hear the long screeching sound and at your rear-view mirror, you see a fast car approaching. It is unstoppable and you are convinced that it will hit you, your car. You are now experiencing anxiety and helpless. Your brain sends chemical message to your blood to be alert more, and finally it all stop. Let us not discuss the outcome.

This is how stress works and how our instant reflexes cope with it. This is the stress activated by events or inputs outside our body. Other cases of stress that comes from outside events are job related stress, money problems and relationships.

When one think of the accident or drive near the accident prone area with its warning sign, people experienced stress attack. This is called mind stressor, the origin of stress within you.

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Thinking about the freak accident or a pending IRS or insurance will make anyone anxious; many find it hard to sleep, worry on lack of sleep and work next day. And so on. One stressful event leads to another collectively.

Short-term stress fires up your immune system while long-term stress triggers a cascade of anti-immune reactions.

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol cause the body to cut back on what it considers non-essential systems like immunity. As a result, any bacteria you encounter are more likely to take hold. In a study at the University of Pittsburgh 276 volunteers were asked about stresses in their lives, and then exposed to cold virus. Those who'd reported chronic stress were more than twice as likely to succumb to the virus.

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Stress can strike at any time during our lives and can be a draining condition. Constant stress that isn't dealt with can lead to increased feelings of insecurity and can cause other conditions such as depression, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers or a lowered immune system.

Great events to remember, such as wedding, job promotion, a new born, can cause much stress. Frustration from not conceiving a child induces stress. This very emotional issue which is uncontrollable causes much stress.

Stress also is in connection with the pressure you feel when you anticipate negative consequences attached to your actions. For example, you might feel pressure to maintain a certain level of performance at work or else risk of getting fired. Like a scholar student who maintains a high grade in all subjects or afraid of taking off the scholar grant. If you find yourself thinking this way, stop and think! Is the threat applicable to you or your just being too hard to yourself?

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Stress also arose from conflict - always negative struggle. A conflict could go on having to choose between equaled values of two positive goals, such as choosing two excellent business offers, or the conflict could involve a choice that has both negative and positive result. For example, you decided to accept the farming business that necessitates your moving across the country away from your family and friends.

Tremendous events in life as: death of a love one or friend, loss of a job, loss of a house and belongings through fire, and having marital problems, cause stress. Here are some brief lists of event-stressors:

? Death of a loved one

? Marriage / Divorce

? Diseases and Illness

? Job Problems

? Sexual problems

? Financial or Business Problems

? Family Problems

? Social Problems

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Note: Admitting to suffering from stress is decidedly the first step to recovery. Now that you know within yourself why you're acting and feeling this way you can gradually make changes in your life and really start to take over it!



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Comments (8)
Ranked #17 in Stress

Job stress has created financial stress in our family - cuts at work mean I am forced to make cut backs when I was already cut back to an extreme - but yet, I realize there are many in the world less fortunate, so I try to let the stress pass...

A note to Brenda's comment...stress does not seem to pass but mostly gets worse when we can't seem to manage it. Please try praying if you believe in the power of prayer....the world is becoming more stressful everyday and psychiatrists have led in suicides for several years.

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thanks for the input Brenda. Thanks Beverly for the thoughts.

good discussion

Stresss is often listed as a symptom of many sicknesses. Very good article!

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thank Carol. Thanks Lady Sam.

What an outstanding article.

Ranked #1 in Stress

Thanks Martin.