Top Five Reasons Why We Stress: Steps to Alleviate It
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Top Five Reasons Why We Stress: Steps to Alleviate It

Modern life is filled with many difficulties and problems.We must learn how to overcome obstacles without it overcoming us.

Modern life is filled with many difficulties and problems. When these problems come about we are expected to solve them and continue going about our daily lives. We are to treat issues smoothly, as if the hassles of life do not exist and in a perfect world this would be a piece of cake, only we do not live in a perfect world and we must learn how to overcome obstacles without it overcoming us. Stress is a normal physical response to incidents that may occur in your life that may make you feel endangered, or upset you in some way. There are many reasons why people stress and here are the top five reasons for stress:

Personal Relationships

1. Personal relationships are among the top reasons for someone to become stressed. If our personal relationships aren’t right it can wreak havoc on not only our minds but also our bodies. Stress can indeed cause a physical reaction. Whether there is a problem with a lover or close friend these types of stressors can cause loss of concentration, lack of sleep, or more. It is imperative we find ways to solve or alleviate our reactions.


2. Money does matter. Financial issues can lead to depression and can become major causes of divorce in     marriages and break-ups. Uncertainties in finances can cause anxiety and leave you feeling scared and create an unsecure feeling about your future.


3. Stress is a number one killer and can most definitely lead to health problems and vice versa, health can cause you to stress. There is a physical occurrence that happens when coping with disease which affects our relationships and our finances.


4. Stress from work can come from an emotionally abusive work environment, or high demands in small time frames or simply trying to perform a job that is not for you.


5. A cluttered home can cause anxiety and stress. Sometimes it can be as simple as trying to find the time to organize your home, which translates into major problems in peoples lives. Your home should be your comfort zone, a place of relaxation.

Steps to Alleviate Stress

The key to alleviating stress is finding ways to eliminate problems or coping with those problems in a healthy way. It is important to recognize when your stress levels are out of control as the most dangerous thing about stress is it creeps up on you and can become and seem normal. Here are a few ways you can help you alleviate stress in your life.

  •  Take notice of your body. Is it tense, are your muscles tight, are your hands clenched? Relax your body and take deep breaths as you do breathe in through your noise and out through your mouth.
  • Try talking to someone. This can be an instant stress reliever, sometimes talking to a close friend and listener about an issue or issues that are a stressing you can cause you to feel significantly better. It is important to maintain a good friendship network for mental health.
  •  Music. Listen to your favorite songs or try listening to something soothing such as rain and thunder soundtracks or crashing waves. Notice you body begin to relax and feel the tension begin to leave as you listen to your favorite sounds.
  • Touch. Do you have animals? Not only are dogs a man’s best friend but they can help you reduce your stress levels. Whether it’s a dog or cat pet your animals and experiment with your sense of touch. Take a nicesoothing bath or warm shower, wear clothing that feels good on your skin.
  •  Exercise. It is important to exercise as it releases endorphins or the feel good reaction secreted by hormones in the brain causing happiness.

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