Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat
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Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

A visit to a nearby spa for a good relaxing massage can take away stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated, but actually you can enjoy a relaxing spa retreat at home.

A visit to a nearby spa for a good relaxing massage can take away stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated, but actually you can enjoy a relaxing spa retreat at home.

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Switch out your old showerhead for a massaging one to melt away stress. Choose pulsing, rotating, strong, or soft streams of water. Or upgrade by adding multiple showerheads for maximum body coverage and relaxation. You can tap into spa-status relaxation with simple budget-friendly fixes. It’s instant home water therapy for as low as $20 or less. Plus, replacing outdated showerheads can lower water bills.

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Special pre-fabricated steam shower units trap billowing steam and set you stress free. Warm, moist air has soothing qualities. So forget the crowded gym sauna or steam room. Install one at home for privacy and convenience.

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Low lighting is relaxing. But you need to see to get ready. Try multiple lighting sources. Sconces at head level near your mirror eliminate face shadows. Shower lighting helps you spot grime. Turn them all on or flip the switch on key spots.

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Lighting candles sets the scene for serenity. And scents are proven to affect mood. For relaxation try lavender, bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang, jasmine, juniper berry, or geranium.

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You can release tension, relax your sore muscles, and soothe stiff, achy joints with a soak in an air-jetted whirlpool tub. Air jets make tiny air bubbles that massage more gently than water jets. And air whirlpools can be lower maintenance.

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Another stress reliever is music, so turn on a good music that would put you in your best relaxed mood as you sit on your tub. You can play acoustic, instrumental or songs that you might as well sing along with.

Install a towel warmer. These special racks warm towels to ward off chill. They also dry them to keep mold and musty smells away. There are timers on this towel warmers that make sure towels are heated when you’re ready to relax. There are also portable versions of this where you can just plug it in and cost less than $200.

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Small touches can upgrade a bathroom with spa-style. Pick faucets with flourishes for a French feel, or faux bamboo handles to transport you to an exotic paradise. Try the old-world charm of bronze. Or go modern with sleek, stainless steel. Pedestal sinks can be pretty and marble makes a luxury statement.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a good spa on the comforts of your own home? Try these ideas for a relaxing retreat.

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Comments (7)
Toni Star

Excellent piece! Going to try the "lighting" technique...

Very helpful


Ingenious therapeutic tips, Alma. This technique will definitely wash out stress.


Ranked #1 in Stress

This will be another HIT composition, thank you.

Nice ideas for interior design, thanks.

I love the sound of that towel warmer...wish I had one.

You have some outstanding ideas.