Two Ways to Help Your Body Get Rid of Stress Fast
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Two Ways to Help Your Body Get Rid of Stress Fast

Are you one of those who find themselves getting weaker and getting sicker due to stressful work on the job as the days go by? Is it because of your age? Or is it because of the kind of lifestyle that you engage in? Truth is, there are just two ways on how to deal with this condition. What are these two important things you should engage yourself in? Read the following article and get rid of your stress.

Stress is normal in one's daily work routine as without stress, work will not get accomplished. But too much stress can be damaging to one's health as what this author experienced. Many kinds of unexplainable diseases or illnesses appear and depression sets in. In the long run, a stressful situation can be counterproductive.

Just how should anybody afflicted by this modern day malady deal with too much stress?

Many people rely on their doctor's prescriptions on how to deal with their stress as symptoms of stress-induced diseases or illnesses appear. But the medical approach may not be the best remedy to health problems that arise due to a sedentary life.

What then can be done about stress that can work for anybody seeking to regain his strength? Here are two effective ways implemented by the author that just worked as it should.

1. Force your lungs to take in more oxygen through aerobic exercise.

Why force your lungs to take in more oxygen? The purpose here is for you to be able to remove wastes from your body more efficiently as more oxygen is made available in the blood. Greater amount of oxygen in the blood means more bodily capacity to carry off the metabolic wastes generated by the body through normal body metabolism.

Those harmful radicals that can cause debilitating diseases like cancer will be controlled as those are expelled through the excretory systems of the body located in the skin and inside the body. The digestive system becomes much more efficient as well as the urinary system that removes undesirable liquid and solid metabolites.

How can the lungs be forced to take in more oxygen? This can be done through aerobic exercise. 

This author got hold of an aerobics book by Dr. Kenneth Cooper and applied it religiously since January. He has been into it for just five weeks but he already got wonderful results. He can walk a 1.5 mile length track in just 21 minutes or less. The prescribed aerobic exercise regimen is designed to gradually strengthen the blood vessels and the heart through a point system approach. There is a specific distance to be attained using a specific time goal.

For example, the goal for the first week is to walk a mile in 15 minutes. In trying to attain this goal, you have to walk briskly, as fast as you can. During the first week, you will feel a little pain in your legs or thighs. This is because blood is pooled here due to the greater demands given to it/them. But this pain will subside through at least a month of continuous walking of at least five times a week. Each week, the time is reduced by 30 seconds to cause you to huff and puff while walking; thus, forcing air into your lungs which is beneficial.

The author was actually able to complete the 16 week program a decade back and was virtually without any health issue. It's just that he had been occupied with mental work in the office the past years that he forgot this very important routine. Now, he's gaining it back.

2. Eat a diet rich in enzymes.

How can you obtain enzymes? Simple. Just eat a lot of fruits, or raw and green vegetables. A healthy body means healthy internal organs that can produce the enzymes needed by the body, especially digestive enzymes, that will break down food and provide energy to the body. But if the body is not in top shape, supplements can be helpful to help reestablish balance in the whole bodily system. Enzymes are catalytic, meaning they break down substances to give off the useful nutrients needed by the body. 

As people get more mature or grow towards maturity then decline, the body's metabolism also decline. Thus, there is a need to perk it up through exercise and the right kinds of food. Exercise forces the body to work optimally, and the right foods to supply the much needed energy source to do work. Once the body is conditioned to do work, then stress will be dealt with much confidence.

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Thank you Patrick. I have always had problems with stress. I will give your advice a try. Recommended and tweeted.