Ways of Coping With Stress : Tips and Advices
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Ways of Coping With Stress : Tips and Advices

Strategies for coping with stress vary from person to person. You must choose the best way that will help you cope with stress.

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is exposed to innumerable pressures to cope with. Sometimes, you may feel that the pressures are just too much to deal with. You feel stressed. Stress is your physical and emotional reaction to pressures inside and outside your home. Therefore, stress is very personal, depending on your level of tolerance to the stressful scenarios that you have to cope with. Your stress level and tolerance also depend on how you react to situations and things around you. In fact, each individual probably has his or her own personal stress gauge. This is the reason why the signs and symptoms of stress vary from one person to another. What is important to know, however, is what you can do about stress.

How can you cope with stress? First, you need to recognize that knowing how to cope with and relieve stress is very important to your health and overall well-being. It causes a negative effect both on your physical and emotional health. Coping with stress may be physical, mental or spiritual or a combination of all.

Physical exercises are known to be the most effective way of coping with stress. Many studies show that getting your body into good shape not only improves your physical health, It also improves your mental health. The reason for this is that, when you physically exert yourself, your body releases endorphins that is responsible for making you feel good. You need not go to a gym to be able to do physical exercises. Walking, gardening, or engaging yourself in your favorite sport are very good alternatives.

Oftentimes, when you are stressed, you feel tightness and pain in your neck, To relieve the pain and tightness, you can do this Four-Way Neck Release recommended by Greg Herzog, a former world-class track and field athlete, in his book “ The 15Minute Executive Release Program.” Repeat this exercise three times to relieve your neck pain caused by stress.

1. Using your right hand, reach over your head and behind your left ear. Then, take hold of your neck using your fingers and gently pull your head down to your left shoulder.

2. Do the same motions using your left hand to pull your head down to your left shoulder.

3. Put both your hands behind your head, clasping them together. Your elbows should be spread sideways and your head should be bowed down your chest. Remain relaxed in this position for 30 seconds. Then, as you push your head down with your hands, slowly pull your head back until you are able to look at the ceiling.

4. Place the palm of your left hand on your forehead, with the bottom of your palm at the bridge of your nose. Hold your right arm across your body so that you can rest your left elbow on your right wrist. Now push against your left palm with your forehead while keeping your right arm locked. Switch hands and repeat.

Aside from physical exercises, there are other practical ways to cope with stress.

Stress journal also helps you in coping with stress. Take 15-20 minutes everyday to write about things that are bothering you. Aside from being an outlet in letting out what you feel, this will also help you in finding out what causes your stress and how much stressed you are. Once you know this, you can find the best ways to cope with your stress.

Use some time to do something that you enjoy.Take time for your hobby. You may either write, paint, or do something creative, Not only will this help you relax, it will also allow you to spend some time on other areas of your life that you may have neglected.

Express your feelings. It is a positive way of coping with stress. Laugh, cry or even express your anger if you need to. Talking about your feelings to your friends, family, clergy, counselor or anyone you trust and are comfortable with is a healthy and positive way to cope with stress.

Stress causes a negative impact to your health. You should not allow stress to build up in you. You should not allow stress to deprive you of your joys in life. Once you feel stressed, you should fight back and resist by coping with stress with the best way that works for you. Do not allow stress to control you and your life, Instead, control stress and push it away


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